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A Perfect Guide For Your Next Toilet Paper Purchase!

A Perfect Guide For Your Next Toilet Paper Purchase!

A Perfect Guide For Your Next Toilet Paper Purchase!
  • December 09, 2020
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If you have delicate skin, you definitely need to take toilet papers and everything else that comes in contact with your skin seriously. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, this guide is still going to help you in your next toilet paper hunt.

Buy biodegradable toilet paper

At PurpleCart, we give the environment equal priority as our everyday needs. Thus, a variety of our products such as trash bags, toilet papers and more are eco-friendly and helps you fulfil your daily needs without any guilt of negatively impacting the planet.

Varieties of Toilet Paper

VIRGIN- This toilet roll is made from trees and not paper. In making these toilet rolls, the trees are first chipped, then pulped, followed by bleaching and then are turned into toilet paper. A majority of people prefer using these ones, as they are easily available, comparatively cheaper and softer.

BIODEGRADABLE- As the name suggests, this one is the best option as it is environmentally-friendly. These toilet papers are made from used papers such as office papers, newspapers and so on. However, no virgin toilet paper is recycled in the process of producing these ones. The paper that is to be recycled is collected and fused with lukewarm water to form a pulp. Then by application of various processes, the ink from the pulp is removed, the pulp is bleached and then dried to form the toilet paper rolls.

This alternative is the best toilet paper for sensitive skin and every other skin type as well, as it casts hardly any footprint on the environment.

BAMBOO- In case of bamboo toilet papers, the manufacturing process is the same as the virgin toilet papers, just in this case bamboo stalks are used in place of trees. Bamboo is a form of grass and regrows by itself, after every time it is cut. Many consider this is a more sustainable form rather than the virgin toilet paper.

How does Toilet Paper Impact The Planet?

Any kind of paper that only can be used once, negatively ramifies the planet. As in case of virgin toilet paper, it results in more and more cutting of trees that contributes to deforestation. But now with the increasing amount of awareness, a number of producers and manufacturers have started developing environmental-friendly toilet papers such as the bamboo one. Moreover, an augmentation in bamboo plantation casts positive effects on the environment such as erosion control and more emission of oxygen.

Comparison Between Toilet Papers

Toilet papers can be differentiated on various parameters such as-

Size of the Roll and the Package

Consider the number of sheets in each roll and the number of rolls in each pack. The more the number of rolls, the less often you will hurry to buy more.

Ply Count

The layers of paper per piece is called a ply count. The toilet paper with a greater number of sheets, means more stronger and also more expensive.

Skin Type

Some people have an extremely sensitive skin and it gets irritated with products used by some manufacturers. There are certain toilet papers available in the market, especially for sensitive skin.

The bottom line, for the best value toilet paper range, visit PurpleCart now!

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