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Adult Diapers and other incontinence supplies that can save your day!

Adult Diapers and other incontinence supplies that can save your day!

Adult Diapers and other incontinence supplies that can save your day!
  • December 30, 2021
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Incontinence has become a plight in America, and there is no denying that leaving with incontinence can be a tough task. It is some way or the other, affects your regular activities. However, to let you lead your life stress-free from incontinence, several supplies such as adult diapers, water-absorbing briefs, panty liners, waterproof briefs, and many others are available on the market.

Suppose you are a new sufferer or a caretaker of a person with incontinence. In that case, you must understand the eclectic range of incontinence products available, which are the right ones to use according to the level of incontinence of the sufferer and the right way to use them. Some products are solely meant for light incontinence, while others can be used in mediocre or heavy incontinence.

In this blog, we shed some light on the right type of products depending on the level of incontinence.

Adult Diapers

The most common incontinence supply for every age is diapers. They are easy to use and are advised to people suffering from mediocre to heavy incontinence. Diapers come with adhesive wings and secure the wearer's bottom like a brief. There are two types of adult diapers – wearable and pull-up diapers.

The wearable diapers come with adhesive wings and should be stuck against each other to seal the diaper. This one is suggested for elderly members who have back or spine problems and cannot keep their backs straight for a longer time. This does not mean; younger incontinence sufferers cannot wear it.

However, pull-up diapers are the best if you have no locomotive or other physical limitations. Wearing these and getting out of them is comparatively easier than traditional adhesive diapers. You can easily pull them up and remove them like any other underwear or briefs. Moreover, from the comfort point of view, pull-up diapers are more comfortable than adhesive ones.

Next, adult diapers are available in both reusable and disposable types and depending upon your laundry time and budget; you can choose the one.

Points to Remember –

  • The size of the diaper is the most crucial part. So, the first-time buyers, order sample sizes first if you are unsure about the right one, and then order the right one in bulk.
  • Go for the sensitive adult diapers on the skin and absorb at least 10 ounces of liquid, so you need not change it every few hours.

Waterproof Briefs

This one is advisable for people suffering from medium to heavy incontinence. As the name suggests, these are like normal briefs but come with waterproof layers, so you need not fear wetting your bottom wear in case of any involuntary peeing. Waterproof briefs look like normal briefs, but the fabric used to curate them keeps you dry by absorbing all the liquid.

If you find wearing diapers uncomfortable, waterproof briefs are the most convenient options as they feel as light as normal underwear.

Points to Remember –

  • They come in gender-specific types, and some brands also sell unisex waterproof briefs.
  • Like the adult diapers, the correct size is predominant here as well.
  • They are available in both one-time use and reusable variants.

Panty Liners

This incontinence supply is recommended for people with light incontinence. Moreover, women can also use panty liners in their last days of menstruation if they experience only spotting and no heavy flow.

Waterproof bed pads for adults

This is advisable for everyone suffering from incontinence, whether light, medium or high. Waterproof bed pads protect the surface where the sufferer sits, relaxes, or sleeps. Often, diapers or other wearable incontinence supplies might leak and stain the mattress. Thus, waterproof bed pads protect the surface of the sofas, lounge, chairs, and bed in case of any leaks or accidents.

Apart from the incontinence supplies, some other tips can help you handle incontinence outdoors.

  • When outdoors, keep a tab on the liquid intake, especially the ones that work as bladder irritants such as caffeinated beverages and aerated sodas.
  • Always keep a Bag B handy in your car or office, or school that contains an extra pair of clothing and incontinence supplies such as adult diapers, panty liners, or others.



In this blog, we have highlighted the common incontinence supplies and the right way to use them.

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