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An Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue Can Be Used for Multiple Things Than Just the Obvious! Read to Know More.

An Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue Can Be Used for Multiple Things Than Just the Obvious! Read to Know More.

An Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue Can Be Used for Multiple Things Than Just the Obvious! Read to Know More.
  • March 10, 2021
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A toilet paper is a simple, plain white colored piece of paper and what can it do than just wipe your assets after the dirty work is done, right? WRONG

A toilet paper can do a whole lot of things than just wiping the poop of your butts. The modern man can make any innovation from anything that no one could even imagine of it before its invention. Same theory applies here. I assure by the end of this blog, toilet paper will not just be toilet paper for you anymore.

The modern world’s modern term DIY- DO IT YOURSELF.

People have taken this concept so literally and so forward that you will be amused with some of the DIY tips that you can try with a simple-looking, single-colored basic thing – a toilet paper.

Here is a list of other things that you can do with your Marine Toilet Tissue or any other toilet paper for that matter.

Say It with A Tissue

In a number of movies, I have lost count now, this simple, plain white piece of paper is used for writing in place of cleaning. Have you ever left a number sealed with a kiss or any other message on a tissue paper?

A Nipple Pad, Maybe, Maybe Not

In a fun article I read once, a woman confessed to using toilet tissues in her bra to hide her nipples pointing out on her first date. She hurried to the washroom, evenly spread 2-3 pieces in her bra and went back to him.

I am unsure whether she actually did this or just cooked up a story for fun sake.


In case of a woman, you can stuff them in your bra for making your assets look bigger and men can do the same in their pants

Facial Wipes

This is the most obvious one so far. When you are running out of face tissues you can use toilet paper in emergency situations.

A Baby Shower Game

You can inculcate a fun game for the next baby shower you attend- measuring how big the to-be mom’s tummy is with the number of tissues needed to cover her tummy.

DIY Gift Wrap

If you are running out of time or out of wrapping paper and again out of time to go buy it, you can use your creative mind, some colorful sharpies, some decorative pearls or stones if you have and most importantly toilet paper, you can pack a gift yourself. Even if you do not have anything else except a few color pens and toilet paper, it can still save your grace and work as a good wrapping paper option.

DIY Flower for DIY Wrap

Our toilet paper is so versatile that you can not only wrap a gift in it, but make decorative from it as well. You can make decorative flowers from toilet paper, if you have a scissor and some glue handy. There are a number of tutorials on YouTube that can help you here.

A ‘’Mummy’’ Costume

Toilet tissues are turning out to be great time savers as well! if you are running out of time or money to buy a Halloween costume, you can wrap yourself in a Large Roll Toilet Tissue and export yourself to Egypt, not literally though!

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