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Benefits of using large bed pads for incontinence disposable!

Benefits of using large bed pads for incontinence disposable!

Benefits of using large bed pads for incontinence disposable!
  • July 02, 2021
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Incontinence pads can be used both for toddlers and adults who face bed-wetting problems. Incontinence issues are not bonded with age, and anyone can have them during any part of their life. There is nothing to be ashamed of or stressed about. Purplecart is here for you. Approximately 5-6 million Americans suffer from incontinence problems, and we are here to help.

Purplecart offers a range of incontinence products such as disposable bed pads that are suitable for every age and have no gender restrictions. These disposable bed pads let you sleep with peace without worrying about wetting and spoiling your bed. Moreover, the incontinence protectors offered by Purplecart can be used on any surface such as lounge, sofa, chair, or any other sitting surface. Just place them on the surface you want to sit, and say bye to the incontinence stress.

Why disposable bed pads are a better option?

The market is flooded with both disposable and washable bed pads for incontinence. However, disposable ones are a better alternative. If you are looking after someone with incontinence issues, using reusable supplies means a lot of laundry. You indeed spent a lot of money for the detergents, other cleaning agents, the washing machine, and the dryer. It is also extremely time-consuming to do heavy laundry. On the other hand, using disposable incontinence bed pads for adults and children save you a good amount of time and money, as once used you are free to dump it. Moreover, in case there is no leak or accident, you can reuse the same disposable bed pad again. However, if it is soiled, we suggest changing it immediately.

If you are the caretaker, you have a long to-do list to worry about each day, and we want handling incontinence responsibilities to be out of that list. Thus, using disposable bed pads takes care of the urinary and faecal issues, and you can concentrate on the other tasks.

Just slip these pads over a bottom sheet and tuck it into each other. After use, just take it out, fold it and it's done. it saves you the wear and tears of washing, sanitizing, and drying the bedsheets every now and then.

In case of occasional incontinence issues, disposable linen comes as a handy option. You just have to place it on the top of the bedsheet, and you know you have an extra layer in case of any leaks or accidents. If wearing incontinence products at night makes you uncomfortable or disturbs your sleep, you can consider disposable linen as a better alternative. They are soft and padded, and do not make the user uncomfortable while sleeping whatsoever. Once used, you throw them, and your work is done. Some disposable bed linens also come with tucks that hold them in one place so if you toss and turn a lot while sleeping, you are sorted.

Purplecart keeps environmental sustainability and human needs on an equilibrium, thus the underlying factor for our every product is eco-friendliness. We offer everyday biodegradable essentials such as trash bags, toilet tissues; incontinence products such as adult bed pads for incontinence disposable; and pajamas for women.

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