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How To Keep the Heavy-duty Kitchen Garbage Bags from Busting Open?

How To Keep the Heavy-duty Kitchen Garbage Bags from Busting Open?

How To Keep the Heavy-duty Kitchen Garbage Bags from Busting Open?
  • September 21, 2021
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Anyone who has ever tried to keep heavy duty garbage bags from busting open knows how frustrating and time-consuming this seemingly simple task can be. But it doesn't have to be that way! Here are some easy, no-nonsense tips and tricks on how to keep the kitchen garbage bag from bursting open.

  1. Use Large, Heavy Duty Garbage Bags That Will Not Get Caught On Things And Rip them Open.

To make a trash bag boat, you must first roll up the opening of a large plastic garbage bag. This will be the bottom of your boat. Next, place another plastic bag inside and fill it with air by blowing it into one side or using an air pump. Secure the opening, then place another bag inside and blow into that one to make it bigger. Repeat this process until your boat gets large enough to float on water. 

  1. Use A Sturdy Holder So You Can Use Fewer Bags Over Time 

If you are sick of buying paper plates because your plastic garbage bags keep ripping open, try a bag holder! Place a sturdy garbage holder against the wall in your kitchen for immediate protection from poorly placed trash bags.


  1. Replace Ties On Your Garbage Bags With a Zipper to Eliminate the Need For Trash Bag Ties. 

Tired of forgetting to put your garbage bag up after disposal? Then try this tip! All you need are some cheap clothes ties and a zipper. Just cut off one end, slide it over the tie so that both ends dangle limply in front like little antlers then close them together around whatever is being stored inside (or use an adhesive bandage). This should keep everything from getting lost even if there happen to be any accidental drops on cleanup day. 

  1. Use Bungee Cords To Secure Your Garbage Bag Against The Wall Before Placing Anything In It 

Before you place your trash into a new garbage bag, attach two bungee cords around it with a hook. This will prevent the bag from opening and spilling your trash everywhere! 

  1. Keep It Away From Sharp Objects 

Hanging the trash bag with handles up by its loop is a great way to make sure it doesn't get in contact with sharp objects. However, if you don't watch out and hang your bag too high or far away from where you need them then this could happen! 

You should always be careful when positioning anything near our garbage cans because they're often used for rough stuff like paper towels so please try not to put any books on top before putting the liner back over the opening at the bottom.



Once you’ve mastered the art of keeping heavy duty kitchen garbage bags from busting open, your life will be much easier, and you will wonder why you never tried it before! You don’t have to worry about crawling under the sink every time you take out the trash or having to buy new bags all the time.

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