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I Wish You an Actually Good, Good Night!

I Wish You an Actually Good, Good Night!

I Wish You an Actually Good, Good Night!
  • December 26, 2020
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A good sleep is as important to your body, as a proper diet and healthy exercise. When you sleep, your body gets time to repair itself and gets charged for the coming day. You might have noticed whenever you do not sleep well, you are irritated and tired the coming day. You can easily judge when someone has not been sleeping well from their face and eyes. Improper sleep schedules disrupt the natural wear and tear process of your body.

There are a number of physical, mental and emotional factors that disrupt your sleep. Here are some tips to overcome these hassles and have a peaceful sleep.

Sleep in most comfortable women’s pajamas

A vital cause disrupting your sleep cycle that you probably are letting go unnoticed, is improper sleepwear. If you are compromising on comfort in your sleepwear it is proving fatal for your sleep. When your skin cannot breathe under a clothing option or when the sleepwear interferes with your body movement, the resulting discomfort hampers your sleep.

Augment day time light exposure

When the natural sunlight falls on your body, it awakens the brain, hormones and the body and keeps it fresh and active to work. Our body has its own natural clock known as Circadian Rhythm. Exposing your body to bright light during the day time not only activates your body, but also improves your night time sleep quality.

Many studies also suggest that in case of people suffering from insomnia, exposure to bright day light can improve their sleep quality and duration and reduce the time they need to fall asleep by 80%.

Decrease Blue Light Exposure in The Evening

The benefits of bright light exposure in the day completely negates itself in the evening. When you are exposed to bright light even in evenings or nights, it signals your body that it is still daytime and you need to be sharply active. The light coming out from electronic gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, computers and television sets is the most harmful.

There are several ways in which you can reduce this exposure.

-        Buy glasses that block blue rays.

-        There are various applications available for laptops and smartphones including both android and iOS, which blocks blue light.

-        Distance yourself from television, at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Say No to Coffee After the Afternoon

You and I, we all love coffee. One cup of coffee can do magic, as it enhances focus, energy and sports performance. But consuming it in the late evenings, stimulates your nervous system and stops your brain from relaxing. A large number of studies suggest that consuming caffeine minimum 6 hours before going to bed worsens your sleep quality. You slipping into some comfy plus size pajama short set or any other comfortable sleepwear will not help until you stop brewing your evening coffee.

If you still crave a cup in the late afternoons or evenings, switch to decaffeinated coffee alternate.

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