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Is AGE Really Just A Number??

Is AGE Really Just A Number??

Is AGE Really Just A Number??
  • November 23, 2020
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Ageing is as natural and normal a phenomenon as Birth and Death. However, ageing is looked at differently in many countries around the globe. While in some countries, wrinkles are a sign of maturity, in others they are considered as a sign of fading beauty. It depends upon your perspective of looking at things, and now with a number of adult incontinence supplies and tons of other products to help them out, ageing has become more beautiful and stress-free.

In many Asian and African countries, aging is applauded and celebrated as a sign of maturity. In countries like India and Japan, the society treats the elderly family members with great respect and take their advice in major decisions, owing to the fact that the elders have seen and been through many circumstances that the younger generations have not. Thus, aging is not only beautiful, but also empowering.

As a kid, you were a member of a family, but now you have children and grandchildren in your family. You have countless memories to cherish and revisit, like your kids being born, their graduation, your grandchildren being born, and bags filled with experiences that taught you lessons and gave you experiences.

With every passing year, you garner good and bad life experiences that teach you and better you as an individual. With each mistake you learn and with each achievement you get more self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Aging, compiles all these good and bad together. Though, your body gets a little less agile with age, products like belts for joints, absorbent underwear for adults and plethora of such products come to your rescue.

Aging definitely clears your vision with what is good and bad according to society, and what is actually good and bad in reality. You can clearly differentiate between the world of reality and the world of delusion. With age, the thirst and love for materialistic things fade away, and a natural inclination towards platonic bonds increase.

By this age, you are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and unlike the younger ages, you now have learnt the art of self-acceptance.  You have accepted your flaws, rather than being ignorant towards them, and try to mend them if possible.

Physically you might have become a little slow, weak and tired, but mentally and emotionally you have reached at the pinnacle of health. You are more in control of your emotions, than ever before. You have seen it all, good or bad, highs and lows, you have passed every street and have emerged out as a winner. You have made friendships and relationships, few of which lasted and few others that were just fictional, you have your heart broken and repaired multiple times and you stood strong, while all this happened and survived it all.

In conclusion, AGE is NOT JUST a NUMBER! Your age is an indication of how many ups and downs you have survived and come out of. As in the youth, you are Emotionally and Mentally battling life, in the olden days you are Physically a little weak.

However, Purplecart brings you a range of best disposable underwear for adults and a range of products, to help you enjoy care-free aging.

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