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Is buying RV toilet tissue a good idea?

Is buying RV toilet tissue a good idea?

Is buying RV toilet tissue a good idea?
  • August 27, 2021
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A toilet tissue roll is probably one of the easiest things to pick while you are shopping for your household goods, at least that’s what most of us feel. What’s there to choose in a toilet paper roll you ask? It is plain, comes in one color, and everything about it is the same, or is it?

The current hype in the toilet paper industry is RV toilet paper, and a lot has been said about it. In this blog, we are highlighting the positives of switching to RV toilet paper from your regular toilet tissues.

RV tissues are also called as septic tank-friendly tissues, and this reference itself clears the basic benefit of using these. They break down instantly after coming in contact with any liquid, and do not clog your sewer hose and waste tank as the basic toilet tissues do. Some are against spending those extra bucks on a RV toilet roll just for the simple purpose of cleaning the assets that a regular toilet tissue does equally well. However, in the long run, the messy clogs of basic tissues can lead to plumbing problems and bring home a big plumbing expenditure. Thus, in the short-term, the basic toilet tissues might seem inexpensive, but in the long run, the RV toilet tissues win the race.

Moreover, the basic toilet paper can build up in your tank, and consequently, the tank sensors will always read full. Another reason to switch to RV toilet paper. Also, for clearing the regular toilet paper built up in your tanks, spray a wand in the sides of the tank to loosen the paper, or a holding tank treatment to get rid of the residue toilet paper and the resulting foul smell. If you want to circumvent all this hassle, switch to Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue.

As the RV toilet paper charges a few extra dollars, there are a plethora of consumers who consider these toilet tissues a scam. In their opinion, RV toilet tissues are nothing but single ply, thin toilet tissues that are overpriced and overrated. The argument they place in their defense is, the quality of the toilet paper does not matter until you use adequate liquids in your tank to get the job done.

In our defense, though the liquids used in the septic tanks do matter, and even if you use RV toilet paper, you need to be sure that your tank contains an adequate amount of fluid in it. However, in circumstances when the liquid level in the tank is low and you forget to notice it, the RV toilet paper will still break down completely without any messy clogs. On the other hand, if the same situation arises while using regular toilet papers, they will clog the tank, create a mess in there, and will release bad odor.

In conclusion, paying a few bucks extra is beneficial today if it saves you from spending a bomb in the future. Now you know why Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper is worth all the hype and a few extra dollars.

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