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Organic trash bags and other best inventions by humans!

Organic trash bags and other best inventions by humans!

Organic trash bags and other best inventions by humans!
  • April 20, 2021
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2020 and 2021 both have been tough for every human being on the planet, and there is already a lot of negativity around. So, in this blog, I thought of bringing little positivity and hope by highlighting some of the best inventions by mankind.


Undoubtedly Graham Bell’s invention paved the way to the technologically advanced world we live in today. Before the advent of the telephone, humans communicated either by letters that took weeks and at times even months to reach their destination depending upon the distance the letters had to travel. The invention of the telephone shunned the limitation of distance in communication.

Silk pajamas set for women

We have a full dedicated blog which talks about the inception, evolution, and everything in between in the world of pajamas, and how this comfy apparel has become a go-to for most of the man and woman on the planet. This is practically one of the most comfortable inventions by mankind, and pajama-lovers like me will place it in the top-ten list of the greatest inventions by humans.

Audio, Vision and Locomotive Aids

Some of the biggest inventions by medical science are the devices such as hearing aids, spectacles and wheelchairs, and other appliances and inventions that help in locomotion. Some hearing aids even have the capacity to make people with certain kinds of deafness listen even if they have been deaf by birth. Similarly, spectacles are a boon to everyone with hampered eyesight. Wheelchairs, artificial legs, and other such inventions help the physically handicapped to become self-sufficient.

Waterproof incontinence bed pads

Sanitary inventions such as sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups, and the invention of other incontinence supplies are also praise-worthy inventions. The invention of menstrual supplies makes those five days of bleeding easier, safer, and hygienic for women, while the incontinence supplies are a blessing for everyone with bed-wetting problems.


They not only let humans indulge in physical intimacy without any stress of unwanted pregnancies but at large work as a barrier for both the man and the woman in the act from transmitting or getting infected by any sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


Can you imagine your apartment, your city, or your country without this priceless asset? No, I know, so can I. All the cutting-edge devices, or basic appliances, or even a simple source of artificial light such as tubes and bulbs would not have worked if not for this one of the best inventions.

RV toilet tissue

Now you ask me why so specific? Undoubtedly, toilet tissue is a good invention but not as good as RV tissues as these babies are septic tank friendly. These tissues dissolve immediately as they meet liquids, and do not form any lumps that may result in clogging. Thus, the latter is a better invention than the former.

Finally, one more good news, Purplecart brings to you a plethora of eco-friendly products such as Biodegradable Kitchen Trash Bags and others, incontinence supplies, toilet tissues, and much more.

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