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Planning gifts for your bridesmaid? Consider customized best pajamas for women and other options!

Planning gifts for your bridesmaid? Consider customized best pajamas for women and other options!

Planning gifts for your bridesmaid? Consider customized best pajamas for women and other options!
  • August 12, 2021
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Weddings are a big deal, and everyone who is near and dear to you is equally excited for your wedding. However, there is a set of people who are happier for you than the others as you have finally decided to settle down with your Mr. Perfect. Did you guess who I am talking about? Your Bridesmaids! They hop along for all your vital preparations from picking up the right wedding gown to the sexy lingerie you should opt for your honeymoon. As they play a crucial role in making your important occasion memorable, it is your responsibility too to give them a token of your love.

In this blog, let's have a look at some of the most unique gifting ideas for your bridesmaid.

Mugs and Pillows

Customization is the key to making your wedding gifts for your bridesmaids special. You can opt for a classy coffee mug with either your and your bridesmaid picture or your and your partner’s hashtag inscribed on the mug. In this way, you can be assured that whenever she sips her favorite coffee, she has a sweet reminder of your wedding and the role she played in it.

Gift Hampers

You can either go for the readymade gift hampers for the bridesmaids available in the market or customize your own pretty box of goodies for your girl gang. You can put in her favorite organic soap, her go-to chocolates and coffees, your and her favorite pictures of you two, and anything else that suits your heart.

Makeup and Skincare

How can any list that discusses gifting options related to women be even complete without mentioning makeup and skincare products? If you are well-acquainted with her go-to skincare and makeup brands and products, you can customize a box for her. You can add in touch of personalness by inscribing your and your husband’s hashtag on the box holding the products.

Pajamas for women plus size and regular size

This one is a two-way gain. You can gift your girl gang comfy nightdresses that will serve as a sweet reminder of your marriage in the long-run. You can get these pajama sets customized, and get your hashtag inscribed in the back of the top. They not only form a good gifting option but also play a fun role in your bachelorette photoshoot.

Customized Hair Products

There are several online stores that customize hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, and serums. According to your bridesmaids’ needs, get her a customized hair care kit. Here too, you can get your hashtag inscribed on the hair kit box.

Customized Jewelry

You can get some funky ear pieces or chokers customized for your girl gang. You can include words such as TEAM BRIDE or any other connotations of your choice in these pieces.

Laptop Skins and Mobile Covers

You can either get laptop skins or mobile covers customized bearing your and her pictures or your and your husband’s hashtags. This too is a great option to give her a sweet reminder of your marriage.

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