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RV toilet tissue and other alternates that you need to start using TODAY, and bid ado to their harmful counterparts!

RV toilet tissue and other alternates that you need to start using TODAY, and bid ado to their harmful counterparts!

RV toilet tissue and other alternates that you need to start using TODAY, and bid ado to their harmful counterparts!
  • April 27, 2021
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Humans have been discovering and inventing things from the initial stages of mankind, and even today continue doing this. However, not all of these discoveries and inventions are actually a boon to both humans and the environment. Some of these inventions are extremely hazardous from an environmental point of view and are degrading the quality of the atmosphere around them.

But there are some better inventions as well that play a good alternative role for the baddies, and are completely environmentally sustainable. Let’s have a look at all these better alternates that mankind has come up with.

Heavy Nightwear and Loungewear vs silk pajamas set for women

Have you ever thought about what women wore at night before the inception of pajamas? I know it is hard to imagine, but there was a time when people actually survived without pajamas. Initially, women wore heavy traditional nightwear that was anything but comfortable. However, as pajamas made way in the nightwear industry, they became an instant hit for both men and women.

Tight Corsets Vs Basic Bra and Panty

Before the inception of contemporary innerwear women used tight corsets solely for getting a thinner waistline. The tight-fitting offered by these corsets was so dangerous that many women died due to this contraction. The invention of contemporary lingerie was a welcoming change for every woman on the planet.

Normal Plastic Dustbin Bags Vs Heavy Duty Biodegradable Trash Bags

Plastic is one of the most hazardous inventions that humans have introduced to the environment. If you look around, every seven to eight things in ten is either completely made from plastic or at least considers a good amount of plastic in its overall making. Most of the plastic is non-biodegradable which means it takes hundreds of years to completely decompose. Also, when the plastic finally starts degrading, it discharges toxins that harm the ecosystems around and the environment as a whole.

The negatives do not end here. As plastic takes an extremely long period to decompose, the amount of plastic completely decomposing each year and the total amount of plastic dumped are far away from each other. While the previous dumped plastic awaits decomposition, more and more plastic continues to be dumped. This result, in the wastelands, filling soon, and more fertile land being utilized for dumping waste, that could have otherwise been used for other productive purposes.

Thus, you should switch to biodegradable alternates that are an option for all the plastic-made supplies.

Basic Vs RV Toilet Tissues

The latter is also called septic tank-friendly tissues. RV toilet tissues unlike the basic counterpart dissolve quickly after coming in contact with any liquids. It does not form any lumps and does not clog the septic tank or the nearby pipes, in the long run, saving you a good expense you otherwise would have spent on plumbing issues.

Purplecart offers a plethora of daily essentials such as biodegradable trash bags and toilet tissues, pajama sets for women, and a number of incontinence supplies such as Waterproof pads for bed and others.

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