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Small Steps Make Big Differences!!

Small Steps Make Big Differences!!

Small Steps Make Big Differences!!
  • December 19, 2020
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Everyone around the world is talking about pollution and the environmental hazards that are infused due to industrialization. However, it’s not just the big actions like industries, infrastructure advancements or deforestation that affect the planet, but tons of basic everyday human activities also cast a negative impact on the planet.

Simple activities that we do not even think twice before doing such as spitting chewing gums in open, letting the tap run while brushing and drinking water from packed bottles, negatively ramifies the planet. Stunned right? There is a list of such activities that seem simple to us, but largely affect the environment around.

Not Using Eco-Friendly Alternatives Such As Biodegradable Kitchen Trash Bags And Others

Many companies have proactively come forward to offer environmentally-sustainable alternates for the daily usage products such as trash bags, cutlery items, kitchen tissues, toilet rolls and more. But as a consumer, many of us often choose the non-biodegradable alternates as they are comparatively cheaper. It’s a shared responsibility between every human on the planet, to restore it.

Aerosol Deodorants

Several studies and researches suggest that using products with aerosol in it, degrades the air quality in that vicinity. It also affects the temperature, but its effect in that parameter varies from region to region.

Drinking Packaged Water

Water is a natural entity and when you use water from packed bottles assuming it's safer than the normally available one,you are thoroughly mistaken my friend. You are not paying for the water; you are just paying for the bottle that contributes heavily to environmental pollution. These bottles take around 500 years to degrade and discharge Microparticles which are dangerous for the environment.

Spitting Chewing Gum On The Ground

First, it litters the surrounding. Second, when on ground, many birds misunderstand it as food and consume it and die, as it chokes them to death. Thus, make it a habit to spit it in a piece of paper or tissue, if you do not locate any dustbin nearby.

Brushing with The Tap On

I can bet you know at least 2-3 people who have this habit to brush with the water running from the tap. A report from the North Carolina State University suggests that almost 1400 liters of water can be saved per person each month, by just turning off the tap while brushing and washing hands.

Not Using biodegradable toilet paper

A biodegradable toilet roll is made from paper which promotes deforestation, as a normal American uses about 25 kgs of toilet paper each year. You can thus calculate how many trees are brought to ground to suffice these needs. On the other hand, biodegradable ones are made from bamboo pulp. Planting bamboos not only saves a large number of trees from being cut down, but also increases the oxygen level in the surroundings.

Contaminating the Beaches with Cigarette Butts

One of the most common kinds of waste found near the coasts and the beach shores is the alarmingly large number of cigarette butts just lying there. They not only take as long as 10 years to decompose, but also emit contaminating metals.

Helium Balloons

Releasing helium balloons in the air is dangerous for the birds and marine animals, as they might mistake it as food, consume it and die as it chokes their neck.

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