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SOS From Planet EARTH!!

SOS From Planet EARTH!!

SOS From Planet EARTH!!
  • November 23, 2020
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Humans have for centuries now, exploited the planet and unlike our ancestors, we hardly have made any major attempts in trying to rectify our wrongs against the environment.

Purplecart believes that every individual owes a responsibility towards the planet, and each one of us should try employing environmentally-friendly products that do not cast any negative ramification on the ecologies around it while degrading.

Why buy the best biodegradable garbage bags from Purplecart?

Biodegradable products can be broken down and decomposed by the microbes and that makes them environmentally-sustainable. Two other important factors in the process of biodegradation are air and moisture. A product can be considered biodegradable if it decomposes at the same speed as the other naturally-occurring products. Paper and cloth are examples of biodegradable products, whereas plastic is non-biodegradable.

At Purplecart our focus is to manufacture daily essential hygiene products which are biodegradable. We offer you heavy trash bags, best disposable diapers for adults and much more products that are 100% environmental-friendly.

Hazards of using non-biodegradable products

Products made from non-biodegradable material take centuries to decompose. Tons and tons of waste containing non-biodegradable products is discarded each year, and this is a matter of concern for not one or few countries, but all the nations around the globe.

Additionally, when this waste finally decomposes it leaves behind toxic discharges, that casts immense negative effects on the environment.

Non-biodegradable waste and landfills

As more and more waste produced is non-biodegradable in nature, a higher amount of land is required each year to form landfills. This casts economic burden on the Government authorities, who then marginalize it from the tax-payers. From the environmental point of view, every year acres and acres of land which could otherwise be utilized for crucial utilities, are used as landfills. Not only these landfills themselves, but the area around them also becomes useless, as these non-biodegradable products release toxic discharges and pungent odors, which make settlement in areas surrounding landfills almost impossible.

Non-biodegradable products such as plastic are not only polluting and damaging the ecologies on the land, but also negatively impacting the marine ecologies. Every year myriads of marine creatures die due to biodegradable products being discharged in the seas and the oceans.

Benefits of using biodegradable products

As mentioned earlier, biodegradable products are environmentally-sustainable, as they decompose at a faster pace and release no toxins or chemicals at the time or after decomposition.

Secondly, as they decompose faster, they comparatively need less landfills to accommodate them. More importantly, many biodegradable products can be used as compost, which enhances the growth of crops. Thus, using them is a double benefit deal, you utilize them for your prime purpose and as their purpose is over, it decomposes and forms compost or manure.

As no toxins or discharges are released in the process of decomposition of biodegradable products, it casts ZERO negative effects on the ecologies around.

This is the time to safeguard our environment and if we do not take a step now, a few years later we will have nothing left in our hand rather than repenting.

Shop your everyday essentials such as trash bags, elderly items such as absorbent pads for adults and many other such products from Purplecart and enjoy guilt-free days using them.

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