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The Ways in Which Humans Exploited the Planet For Years and Can Using Alternates Such As Organic Trash Bags Help?

The Ways in Which Humans Exploited the Planet For Years and Can Using Alternates Such As Organic Trash Bags Help?

The Ways in Which Humans Exploited the Planet For Years and Can Using Alternates Such As Organic Trash Bags Help?
  • March 25, 2021
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The humans exploiting the planet is not a thing of today, or this decade, or this century. In fact, humans have been extracting from the planet since the Stone Age, though that extraction was not out of control and was environmentally sustainable. When humans desired to cover their bodies, they used leaves and twigs from trees to do that. They satisfied their hunger by hunting other animals and used trees and stones to make their weapons. These actions were sustainable though, but as the humans started advancing, each step of advancement taxed the planet. If we keep a few inventions aside such as devices using solar energy, thermal energy and tidal energy, cars running on electricity, medical inventions, and environmentally sustainable everyday supplies such as Large Biodegradable Trash Bags and others, most of the progression has descended the environment.

Over the centuries of this unrestricted exploitation and a one-way relationship with the planet, we humans have brought the planets’ environment to a stage where if we do not get conscious now, the never situation soon will sway us all.
This decade has witnessed worldwide awareness regarding the rising pollution levels and the plunging environment quality. However, most of this concern is limited to papers only, and very few things are done in this regard on the ground reality. Citizens claim that the government is not doing enough in this regard, and the governments blame the citizens of not following the rules and regulations formulated by the authorities in this regard.
Rather than just playing this blame game and shifting the ball from one court to another, it's high time to come together and work as a team to safeguard the environment from further degradation.

There are few things that if you, me, and every other citizen does, we surely can push the escalator towards bettering the planet. Here is a list of these things that we all should inculcate in our daily lives:
- Save as much water as possible. Though, the larger section of the planet is water, not all of that can be used for drinking. Many parts of the world struggle to get even 10 liters of water per day and soon if we do not mend our ways, the world will face a drinking water crisis.
- Switch to eco-friendly alternatives such as Heavy Duty Biodegradable Trash Bags and others wherever possible. If particular daily essentials do not come with biodegradable alternates, either stop using them or encourage the manufacturer to come with eco-friendly alternates.

- Switch from Non-Renewable resources such as petrol, diesel, LPG to Renewable resources such as electric cars, solar energy, and so on. The depletion of non-renewable resources is coming closer, and if we do not use them sparingly, they will soon deplete and the future generations will know about them only in books. Moreover, burning petrol and diesel leads to air pollution.
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