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Things To Consider While Buying An Adult Incontinence Product!!

Things To Consider While Buying An Adult Incontinence Product!!

Things To Consider While Buying An Adult Incontinence Product!!
  • December 23, 2020
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The market out there is flooded with a plethora of incontinence supplies for adults. It is pretty easy for you to be misguided in this variety and invest in a wrong product that will not help you out. There are certain parameters that you need to consider while looking for the prudent adult diapers. An adult who has an active lifestyle will require different kinds of diapers than the adults who have mobility difficulties.

Here is a list of all the parameters you need to consider while looking for the best adult diapers.


The most vital parameter in an adult diaper is its accurate fit to avoid any kind of leaks and accidents. Using a measuring tape, prudently measure your waist and hips. All the incontinence diapers are available in the largest figure of the measurements of your hips and waist.

Moreover, every brand has varied measurements for specific sizes. For example, an L in one brand can be an M in the other or an XL in some other brand. Thus, every time you are opting for a new brand, do check their size chart before ordering your size.

Absorbency Levels

Every brand’s adult diapers offer different levels of absorption. While choosing a brand, you need to consider whether you want to use it in the day time or the night time. Secondly, also consider if you need the incontinence products for both fecal and urine or solely urinary incontinence diapers.

If you need an extremely high absorbency level, you can add an adult pad to the diaper. However, it is an economically consuming method and you can keep it as an option for occasional emergencies. On the other hand, if your absorbency requirement is extremely low, you can go for adult incontinence pads.

To compare the absorbency levels of incontinence products you can use websites such as XP Medical or Consumer Search.

Gender Specific

Men and women have different urinary needs, thus their diapers are also differently shaped. Men’s incontinence diaper options include boxer shorts, while women’s diapers include pads and underwear designed keeping their urinary flow in mind.

Unisex diapers are also available keeping in mind the needs of both the genders. This is also a comparatively inexpensive option. Lastly, before investing in any of these, order a sample small pack first before buying a larger one.

Usage Preferences

Adult diapers are available in both one time use and reusable options. Reusable diapers are less expensive than the disposable ones, and are more absorbent than its counterpart. However, you will regularly need to wash them which might seem as an impractical option for many. Moreover, reusable diapers age early due to regular washes, and you always need other alternates handy.

Athletic people prefer reusable diapers as they are more absorbent. However, while travelling you need to opt for the disposable one, as you may not get place and time to wash it.

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