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Using Eco-Friendly Heavy Duty Kitchen Garbage Bags and Other Ways to Give Back to the Planet!

Using Eco-Friendly Heavy Duty Kitchen Garbage Bags and Other Ways to Give Back to the Planet!

Using Eco-Friendly Heavy Duty Kitchen Garbage Bags and Other Ways to Give Back to the Planet!
  • January 28, 2021
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Since inception, humans have just taken from the planet. Though, the stone-age and the medieval-age men consumed the resources provided by the planet, but their consumption was sustainable. With the passing period and the advancement of technology and industrialization, men started exploiting the planet. The melting of the snow-clad mountain peaks and glaciers, global warming, heavy rainfall in the deserts and many other negative natural changes are a consequence of men’s exploitative use of natural resources and the unnecessary and uncontrollable extraction from the planet. The environmental pollution including all the types of pollution of water, air, soil and others are swelling each year due to the human activities that are not environmentally-sustainable, yet most of us hardly care.

If you want to talk about a small step in attempting to give back to the planet, this blog is for you. Here is a list of things we can do in order to fulfill our duties towards nature.

Resource Management

We know that fuels like petrol and diesel are non-renewable resources and take thousands of years to form in the earth’s crust. These fuels also pollute the environment when used. Thus, to preserve the natural resource for a longer time and minimize the pollution as much as we can, use either electrical vehicles for longer distances and bicycles for the shorter ones.

Disposable quilted bed pads for incontinence

Sanitary products such as napkins and tampons and incontinence products for kids as well as adults are made from a particular kind of plastic which literally takes years and years to decompose. However, as awareness related to how these products negatively ramify the environment is understood, eco-friendly alternatives have been introduced. You can replace your tampons or the sanitary pads with menstrual cups and in case of incontinence supplies use the environmentally-sustainable alternates.

Gravitate Towards Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Today, a good number of consumers and manufacturers are aware about the environmental hazards casted by the various non-biodegradable products. Thus, more and more biodegradable alternatives of these supplies are being introduced in the market. From toothpicks to tissue rolls to trash bags and a plethora of other products now come in environmentally-sustainable variants. Our duty is not only to use these supplies but also spread awareness and encourage others to use them too.

Say A Big NO To Overpackaging

Whenever and wherever plastic is being used, it either ends up in a landfill or is dumped in an ocean. Thus, avoid using plastic to the largest extent. Goods that are overpacked use a large amount of plastic and just a pledge by you, me and many others to not indulge in such goods whatever they may be will force such companies to diminish the plastic used in packaging.

A Tree For Every Victory

One of the primary man-made actions that has and is still casting havoc on the planet is deforestation for wood, agriculture, construction of residences and industries and other purposes. The uncontrolled cutting of trees has not only affected the environment and the ecologies in the forest but also resulted in dangers of extinction of various animal and bird species. If we do not take prudent measures now, I cannot even imagine how bad the future will look. Start planting trees wherever and whenever possible for every time you are happy or succeed in something or anything goods happens to you.

Purplecart understands the vitality of biodegradable alternates. We bring to you a range of eco-friendly toilet rolls, trash bags, Adult bed pads for incontinence disposable and much more.

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