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Waterproof bed pads for adults and other tips to maintain incontinence at work!

Waterproof bed pads for adults and other tips to maintain incontinence at work!

Waterproof bed pads for adults and other tips to maintain incontinence at work!
  • November 30, 2021
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In America, there are millions of people affected by incontinence irrespective of gender or age. Although most of the sufferers approx. 11% - 34% of the total are elderly people, around 5% to 10% of teenagers suffer from incontinence issues. However, there is nothing to be worried about or embarrassed about if you suffer from incontinence. An eclectic range of supplies such as diapers, waterproof bed pads for adults, and briefs specially designed for incontinence, available in the market to help you handle incontinence with ease.

Illness, age, disability are some of the factors that contribute to incontinence. In a wider scenario, approximately 25% of women suffer from incontinence after childbirth and a good number of men after prostate surgery combat incontinence. Though there is a range of supplies to help you lead a regular life irrespective of incontinence, there is no denying that living with incontinence can make your life tricky. Things are easy when you are at home but managing incontinence at work is a task!

This blog has listed some ways to make managing incontinence at work less stressful and let you work freely.

Waterproof bed pads for adults

An obvious question might have cropped in your mind – how can waterproof incontinence bed pads help you at work where you have to sit all day long? These bed pads can give you an extra layer of protection when sitting for longer intervals alongside the wearable ones, such as waterproof briefs and adult diapers for women and men. When you are sitting for a longer time, in case of any spill or leakage from your wearable incontinence supplies, the bed pads will protect the surface you are sitting on from getting spoiled. This can save you from embarrassment at the workplace in an otherwise scenario. Moreover, you can use this trick in your home to protect surfaces you sit on for a long time from getting damp or spoiled.

Coach your muscles

If you are suffering from stress incontinence, try retraining your pelvic floor muscles to help you at a good level. Secondly, Kegel exercises are the best when it comes to training your muscles to restrain incontinence. In Kegel exercises, you contract and relax muscles that provide support to your bladder. Kegel exercises can be done without anyone noticing it, no matter where you are. Additionally, yoga is a good way to train your muscles in your combat against incontinence. Many studies suggest that a person suffering from incontinence can reduce urine leakage up to 70% after practicing yoga designed to enhance pelvic health.

These exercises, along with proper medication, will help you bid ado to incontinence sooner, and you can lead a life without adult diapers for women and men and other incontinence supplies.

Teach your mind

Training your mind to pee after regular set intervals can be a good way of managing incontinence at work, minus any spills or leakage problems. However, this trick might not work for everyone, but you can give it a shot. No matter if you are wearing adult diapers for women and men, set a fixed time to pee. Visit the bathroom by the clock and not by urge. Instead of taking a bathroom break after three to four hours, schedule one after every two hours.

Caffeine check

Caffeine is a well-known bladder irritant like carbonated drinks and alcohol. In addition, the caffeine that is usually found in tea and coffee is a diuretic that augments your chances of an accident. Thus, try restricting the amount of caffeine that enters your body. However, that does not mean you need to shun your favorite beverages; you can have a cup of tea or coffee, but not in excess.

Liquids in prudent amount

Wearing incontinence products such as adult diapers for women and men or getting extra protection from bed pads or other supplies does not permit you to drink unlimited amounts of water. Moreover, in fear of leakage, not drinking enough water can also adversely affect your body. Thus, when at work, do not altogether skip drinking water but limit consumption.

Wear dark and convenient clothing

Include dark color clothes in your office wear wardrobe. Dark clothing helps you hide the stain as compared to the lighter ones in case of an accident. Moreover, ensure that your formalwear wardrobe has ensembles that are easy to take on and off, and feel comfortable with the incontinence product you are wearing under it.

Readiness for every situation

When at work, ensure that you are always ready in case of any spills or leakage. Always have supplies such as adult diapers for women and men and bed pads handy.


In a nutshell, alongside the obvious incontinence supplies, numerous other ways can help you manage incontinence at work.

Wearing incontinence supplies solely cannot help you prudently manage incontinence at work. Thus, in addition to incontinence products, we have mentioned some tips that will help you combat incontinence at work.

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