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Waterproof pads for bed and other gifting options for a newborn!

Waterproof pads for bed and other gifting options for a newborn!

Waterproof pads for bed and other gifting options for a newborn!
  • July 15, 2021
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Your best friend, or one of your closest friends, or maybe a cousin has delivered a baby, and you are filled with excitement and confusion. Excited about the good news and confused in regards with the welcome gift for the new human. If you are a mother, it will be a cakewalk, but if you have not embraced motherhood yet, it might not be that easy. Worry not when we are here, and this blog got your back.

Here is a list of some simple yet amazing gifting options for a newborn.

Colorful Dreamcatcher

Undoubtedly, a newborn sleep more than do anything else throughout the day, but a dreamcatcher is definitely a good option. The beautiful colors will catch their attention, and will make falling asleep more fun. So, you can go for a bright color dreamcatcher.


If you go hunting for baby clothes, I am sure you will want one soon as these tiny clothing pieces are cuteness personified. You can shop from a range of onesies to a range of other clothing options depending upon the baby’s gender. Do not shop for any other fabric than cotton – NO SYNTHETIC.

Diapers and other waterproof products

One thing that the baby definitely needs is baby diapers and other incontinence supplies. Thus, you can opt for gifting a pack of diapers or bed pads for incontinence disposable. This is one of the most useful gifting options that you can consider.

Bed linen

Another cute and useful gifting option. There are tons of designs and colors available in this one. Caution – here too you might see your motherly instincts cropping up owing to the overload of cuteness.

Bath products

There is an exclusive bathing range for babies ranging from extra soft bathrobes to soaps, body washes and shampoos. You can either pick one up from brands that specialize in each category or there are a number of brands that have a complete gift kit.

Room Décor

There is an eclectic range of room décor available for children, and this too forms a great gifting option. This includes bright colored wallpapers to beautiful neon stickers for the night to dim fairy lights and many other options.

A baby carrier

This one is a gift both for the parents and the baby. These slings come handy and the parents can easily travel with their baby without constantly picking them.

A play gym

This too is a good gifting option, and the parents will be happier receiving this than the kids. The kid can spend a good amount of time playing here while the parents can get their other chores done while the kid is entertaining itself.


When the teeth start breaking from the gums, the baby has a constant urge to bite into things. Thus, baby teethers are of a great use here. They are made from soft material and make biting into them easy for the baby to satisfy its urge.

A final gift option not for the baby but for the mother - best pajamas for women. It will make sure she relaxes comfortably.

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