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Where Did the Pajamas Come From?

Where Did the Pajamas Come From?

Where Did the Pajamas Come From?
  • December 02, 2020
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The word ‘Pajama’ is derived from Hindi- The National language of India. Pajamas were prevailing in India and the Middle East centuries ago and the Europeans picked it up from there, and it went to Europe as an exotic loungewear. Though pajamas were worn in these countries from the 17th Century, its widespread use started from the 20th Century.

Pajamas as Men and Women sleepwear pants

Unquestionably the most loved sleepwear or lounging option for men, women and children is a comfortable pajama set. It can be a one piece or a two piece and the feature that differentiates pajamas is it’s loose fitting that lets your body relax.

However, the western world was introduced to this comfy lounging wear by 1870, where British Colonial officers adapted this from the colonies and continued wearing them even after they returned back to their homeland.

Men’s pajama sets were widely available by the year 1902, and had garnered a lot of popularity owing to its unmatched comfort as compared to the traditional nightwear. On the other hand, women’s pajamas became a thing by the year 1920. Men’s pajamas were crafted from silk, cotton or flannel, women’s pajamas on the other hand were designed from brightly printed rayon or silk fabrics and decorated with laces, ribbons or frills. With the coming years, pajamas evolved with the evolving fashion trends prevailing then.

Most Comfortable Women’s Pajamas Transformed To Fashion Statements

Though pajamas were introduced as a men’s sleepwear first, but with the years to come the varieties of pajamas available to women swelled as compared to men. Women started experimenting with new styles and constantly kept updating their pajama fashion. By the late 1920s, beach pajamas were introduced which were specially designed for wearing along the beachside. The beach pajama trend was promoted by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel and by the end of the decade, it became a popular outfit for common women as well. This decade also saw the rise of evening pajamas, which were worn by women for informal dinners. 1960 saw the rise of Palazzo Pajama which was introduced by a Roman designer Irene Galitzine. This pajama featured wide legs and its looks were enhanced by using beads, laces and frills. Palazzo pajamas were crafted from soft silk fabrics. In the coming years, loungewear and eveningwear fused, and evening outfits became more comfortable and unstructured.

With the coming years, pajamas became more and more comfortable and in the current scenario it is the most loved outfit to lounge or travel or just peacefully sleep in.

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